Gender Freedom Club Gear

Stay warm and cozy with some awesome new FRDM gear!

Hoodies $45
Crewnecks $40
T-shirts $25
Toques and Hats $20
Trunks $25
Packing Trunks $30

All proceeds support the Sexual Assault Centre of Brant.

Take Back The Night & Don’t Rape T-shirts

Photo of the back of a black t-shirt with white text in all caps reading, "community over everything. imaging rad futures. support trans folks. everyone is legal. consent culture. migrant justice. decolonize. blm. take back the night."

Take Back The Night T-shirts: Available in sizes S-3XL (unisex fit)

Photo of a person from the waist up with their hands on their hips. They have light skin, short brown hair, and dark plastic-framed glasses. They are wearing a black t-shirt with large white printing across the chest reading, "don't rape." light-skinned person from the chest up their arms crossed. They are wearing a black hoodie with white text over the left chest reading, "NEWFRDM." The black hood is up over a grey touque with a white patch on the front. On the white patch is black text reading, "GENDER FREEDOM CLUB."

“Don’t Rape” T-shirts: Available in sizes S-3XL (unisex fit OR form-fitting)

Cost is a sliding scale of $15-$30 with all proceeds to the Brant United Way.